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Truly Restorative Bodywork and Massage for Those Seeking Real Results!

There is no shortage of massage therapists in Chandler, AZ and Phoenix metro area!  But where is all the QUALITY BODYWORK?  When you need a real massage, for pain and stress relief, and to help correct structural issues, the typical flowing massage with kneading and pressing is just NOT going to be enough!  With my massage, you get detailed bodywork, still with plenty of the relaxing, flowing techniques, but combined with deep tissue, trigger point, and stretching techniques to really address and help correct your trouble areas.  I only do customized therapeutic massage and bodywork, so you will not find a fancy sounding menu on this site with different modalities to choose from.  Many clients do not know what all those fancy sounding massages are all about, so they tend to choose based on their mood and what sounds nice at the time.  But massage should be based on your actual NEEDS.  It's your hard earned money and time to renew and escape the stresses of life, so your session should do more than just "help" should renew and transform your body!  To help discover what your needs are, you should be assessed by a therapist like me, with 15 years experience giving truly therapeutic, corrective massages.  Effective techniques from many different modalities will be used in your therapy session.  I will ask you what your expectations and goals for the massage are, and where you hold the most discomfort and stress.  I will assess your body before and during the massage so I discover what other areas are contributing to your structural issues as well, but the most time in the massage is always spent on the areas that bother you the most.  This is massage and bodywork that is detailed, focused, and gets to the point, but some time is still spent addressing the full body, so you feel totally renewed and have longer lasting results, as doing spot treatments (only focusing on one or two areas), is not enough to give you the restoration you really need and deserve!  I offer outcall massage, also known as mobile massage, so I come to you at your home, office, or hotel, for a competitive price, so you do not need to worry about driving after your session, you can just relax and absorb the healing and restoration of your body.  I bring my table and linens and music on my phone (you may provide your own music if you prefer of course), so all I need at your location is 6 by 8 feet of open space, and you ready to receive an amazing massage!  You deserve it!

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