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About Your Therapist:

Tiffany Huett
AZ LMT # 06741 since 2005
My passion for massage started at a young age when I would give impromptu massages to family members.  I loved the feeling of muscles getting looser and softer as I learned to squeeze and manipulate them.  I went to the Chiropractor with my uncle and grandparents and got to see corrective bodywork in action, but my passion was always for the musculature and doing massage techniques.  I did work with a Chiro for the first year of my massage career, back in late 05 to late 06, so from the very beginning I was applying therapeutic techniques to address real pain and issues to help change people's structure and posture.  I never really found a spa setting appealing, or adding fancy oils and stones, I just like to get right to helping the body to change for the better!  I have been a 100% self employed LMT since early 2007.
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